Announcing the creation of a new series of instantaneous multi-pole relays of the MTI line, featuring more compact dimensions than those of the previous series.

Available in a monostable and bistable version, with 8 changeover contacts.

Suitable for use in the most demanding applications, such as power stations, electrical substations, railway trackside equipment, or equipment for industries with continuous production processes (chemical and petrochemical industries, rolling mills, cement works, etc.).

Available in 3 models:

  • RMMX: monostable relays with 8 changeover contacts
  • RMBX: bistable relays with 7 or 8 changeover contacts

These relays guarantee very high breaking capacity for heavy duty DC loads, also with high switching frequency. Optional magnetic arc blow-out for even higher breaking capacity.

Knurled contacts to obtain improved low resistance with multiple electrical connection points: extended electrical life expectancy of the component, optimal performance for highly inductive DC loads and for very low loads, such as in the case of interface signals.

Minimum load: 200 mW (10V, 10 mA minimum).

The manual operating lever, fitted as standard, makes it possible to perform functional tests or, in the case of the bistable version, return the relay to its operating position.